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Chibaree is an educational app designed for small kids to learn the basics of English, Hindi and Gujarati languages along with beginner-level Math, General Knowledge and English Grammar. Kids of 2-years-old can use the app with the support from their parents.

Initially when you download the app, you can start with 7-day trial. In this trial you will have complete access to the app. To start the trial, you don't need to enter any kind of payment details. Once the trial finishes, you can then go for either Montly or Annual plans.

When you sign in for the first time, we use only your email address to create Chibaree account. We do not read any other information other than it. Please refer for more information.

Yes indeed. You can cancel your subscription anytime from your respective Play Store and App Store. However, you will not be provided any refund. The current subscription will continue till its expiry date and then you won't be charged any longer. Remember, if you delete your account from the app, you still need to cancel it from respective stores to avoid recurring charges.

Ensure your subscription is active. If you are sure about it, then you can click Restore button on the subscriptio screen or Restore Purchases button from Profile / My Account section.

Please refer.

We value your feedback! If you have any queries or want to suggest some new features that you would like to see in the app, please drop us an email on